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Liberty Partners and the PB560 Ventilator

A shout out for one of our awesome manufacturers in Okmulgee County - Liberty Partners, owned by Jesus and Martha Diaz. We are always proud and amazed at what our local manufacturers do, and this is another great example. Perhaps you saw this in the April 3 edition of the Okmulgee Times. We weren't able to directly link you to the story, but hope it's okay to 'reprint' it here. Thanks Patrick Ford for a great write up!

------------------ A small Okmulgee business, with the help of others, will soon be manufacturing a piece of equipment much needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Liberty Partners LLC. is known in the aviation industry for its engineering, certification, upholstery & interior, and parts and fabrication services for aircraft owners and businesses. However, with the current situation, owner Jesus Diaz, and the firm wanted to see what the company could do to help. Diaz noted many large manufacturers, such as General Motors and Ford, were wanting to switch their lines to begin making ventilators. Diaz felt his company could do so also, according to Austen Giles, who serves as Marketing Specialist. Giles described the efforts the company went through to research the equipment and one manufacturer, Medtronic, released files on the internet for their ventilator named the PB560.

“We were able to take a look at the files and we said, ‘we would probably produce about half of the mechanical parts in the unit,’” Giles said. But to complete the entire ventilator would require some assistance from other manufacturers.

Liberty Party reached out to Medtronic, but determined the company was actually for someone to take on the project of creating the ventilator. While that scenario was playing out, Liberty Partners received an email from the U.S. Department of Commerce looking for manufacturers who would work on the PB560. Which was the very same ventilator Liberty Partners had already thoroughly looked into, and they had a direct line with Medtronic. Fast forward, Liberty Partners contacted the Oklahoma Manufacturers Alliance, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, and with the help of Rep. Scott Fetgatter put them in contact with people at the state level that could help.

“Now, Liberty Partners will be playing an active role in the manufacturing, production, engineering and design for the PB560 for the State of Oklahoma,” Giles said. The project is a work in progress, as more meetings are planned to address regulatory issues, and where and who will assemble parts, and where those parts will come from.

Giles is excited about what the company will be able to do to help during the coronavirus pandemic, and will update as more information is available. Liberty Partners is happy to be able to do their part in perhaps saving numerous lives in the state. -------------------------------------- Learn more about Liberty Partners

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