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Cost of Living

Oklahoma is a very budget-friendly state. From raising a family to retirement, the Sooner State has affordable housing and a low cost of living.  The relative value of $100 in Oklahoma is $112.86, making it 7th in the nation for offering the “biggest bang for the buck”, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.
With an overall cost of living index of 77, living in Okmulgee is 23% less than the national average and 13% less than the Oklahoma average, our community is an inexpensive place to live.   
The median home cost in Okmulgee County $95,069, compared to the median Oklahoma home cost of $119,300 and US $219,700.  Average rent by bedroom is lower than Tulsa and Oklahoma City and significantly lower than the US Average. (Source: LocateOK/ESRI and County Tax Assessors)
Those benefits, described in ‘numbers’,  are just the beginning in Okmulgee. We’re proud of what we’ve built here and we work hard to keep it alive. We look out for our neighbors. We smile at strangers. No matter how big we get, this city works to keep its friendly, small-town vibe. This is a place where folks with big hearts will feel right at home.    

Okmulgee Property Tax is slightly less than 1% of the market value.

Focus Magazine, 2021

Uncover some of Okmulgee County's 'treasures' and helpful information by reading through the latest edition of the FOCUS Magazine. 

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