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Economic development in Okmulgee is not a numbers game for us (but we do understand that demographics are important in the overall analysis). We want quality companies to join us. We’re looking for innovators and entrepreneurs who have great ideas. We’re partial to CEO’s who can see a few decades down the road. Small companies, medium companies, mega-companies—it doesn’t matter. With our local network, proximity to market and a fabulous metro area right next door, we’re a great place for any company to call home.

2019 Population

Population by Marital Status (15+)

Population in Labor Force (16+)

Total Population graph.png
Population by Age graph.png
Education Attainment Graph.png

ESRI Okmulgee County Community Profile

Download this 2020 Community Profile for Okmulgee County, which includes demographics of population, education, housing, consumer spending. Other demographic ESRI reports can be ordered upon request to

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