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The OADC, Okmulgee Area Development Corporation, is a privately funded organization to promote economic development for the Okmulgee County area. Established in 1996 as a 501(c)3, our office serves as a "one-stop shop" for economic development by coordinating with the city, county, state and other governmental entities at the state & federal levels. This ensures a smooth and straight forward development process.


The OADC also partners with other organizations in support of community development programs and projects and promotion of the area such as state and local government, educators, training providers, financial institutions and business. As the lead economic development entity in Okmulgee County, we facilitate the development of available properties--industrial, commercial and retail.  


One of our core competencies is assisting and building relationships with other development organizations in and around Okmulgee and in the state of Oklahoma.  

The OADC focuses efforts to:

  • Retain existing jobs

  • Encourage the expansion of our current industrial partners

  • Recruit new industry and business (industrial and retail)

  • Encourage and support new start-up firms

  • Support public education in Okmulgee County School systems to emphasize STEM classes from K-12


The staff at Okmulgee Area Development Corporation (OADC) focuses on communities in Okmulgee County. We enjoy collaborating with other communities that might need assistance with economic development issues. We are here to assist with site location, data research, incentive analysis and applications, workforce assistance, as well as other resources that we provide.  

Our staff participates in a variety of local, regional and national organizations that work to promote our community, and has collectively over 73 years of development experience with IOM, EDI, EDFP, and CCIM training. We are also involved with organizations such as ISCS, CoStar, Tulsa Futures III, Okmulgee Manufacturing Council, Oklahoma Economic Development Council, Okmulgee Chamber of Commerce and Okmulgee Main Street.

Board of Directors

The OADC Board of Directors is a group of men and women with diverse and proven business leadership capabilities. They are at our stead to lend their leadership oversight capabilities to any and all challenges we face, and provide critical decision making input for all of our economic development projects that come our way.

About Okmulgee

Okmulgee is a Muscogee Creek Nation word meaning "bubbling water". This term originated in Macon, Georgia, where the tribe was relocated from, following the Trail of Tears. Okmulgee began as Indian Territory in the 1800s.  

Local Government

In Okmulgee, the City Manager is in charge of directing the day-to-day operation of the city in order to carry out the policies established by the City Council.

Community Partners

A community is the collective strength of many individuals and organizations. The OADC works in formal and informal collaboration with these organizations (and more) that strive to benefit Okmulgee County. Together, the individuals that make up these groups want to work together, and they enjoy the process, sharing ideas, learning, leadership, building creativity and embracing best practices. This makes our community great!  #OkmulgeeRising  

Local Industrial Success

The Okmulgee area has a large manufacturing base for a community of its size. Five of our manufacturers ship their products globally. Over 4,000 workers commute into the Okmulgee area for work each day from surrounding areas--over 20 Oklahoma counties, from as far as 185 miles. The average US city has about 7-8 percent of their workforce in value added manufacturing. Okmulgee has 11 percent of its workforce in manufacturing. Our manufacturers are very supportive of each other and welcome additional plants in the area. We are very proud of our high profile, global manufacturing companies.

Industrial Parks

Okmulgee has four industrial/business parks with over 761 acres available and ready for development. The city has also designated an additional 1,100 acres for future industrial and commercial development.

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