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Major Employers & Key Industries

Okmulgee has a large manufacturing base for a community of our size, with nine value-added manufacturers in Okmulgee County. Five of those manufacturers are dominant leaders in their industry and ship their products globally.


Both Ardent Health Services (Hillcrest Hospital, Henryetta and The Creek Nation Community Hospital in Okmulgee) have major state-of-the-art medical facilities located in Okmulgee County, providing advanced emergency, medical services and preventive medical care in addition to 24/7 emergency room availability.

Okmulgee County Major Employers

A variety of businesses already call Okmulgee home. For a small community, our workforce is diverse as is our industry base. The common vision is that we all desire local businesses to succeed. Employers with more than 50 employees are reported on this list; however, all nine of our value-added manufacturers are reported.

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