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Small Business Assistance

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The Oklahoma Small Business Development Center has the knowledge tools and resources to help your business start, grow and succeed.   They provide no-cost, one-on-one confidential consulting to assist you to start, sustain or expand your business.  They are funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration and their experienced business advisors work closely with you to assess and understand your needs, access their services and develop a work plan for you.  This is customized to your specific needs - whether regarding financing, exploring new markets, increasing sales or improving productivity and profitability.    It’s as easy as registering online at their website and you will be connected to the Okmulgee area advisor to set up an initial consultation. 


The Green Country Technology Campus in Okmulgee also provides assistance to existing and potential entrepreneurs in its Small Business Services program with the objectives:

  1. To assist entrepreneurs during the startup phase of their business venture including creating business plans using LivePlan. 

  2. To help small business owners increase revenue, grow customer base, increase sales as well as teaching valuable skills such as marketing, controlling inventory, hiring, social networking, etc.

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