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Transportation and Infrastructure

Okmulgee is essentially equal distance from the west coast to the east coast and only a few miles south of the north/south center of the United States. We might not be the exact center of the universe, but we are pretty darn close. This makes Okmulgee ideal for moving goods and services in any direction in the United States as well as to international locations. 

Proximity to market is a critical factor for the five of our nine manufacturers who ship their products globally.  

Interstates & Highways

Okmulgee is located on U.S. Highway 75 just 35 miles south of Tulsa.  Okmulgee offers proximity to three major Interstate highways. 


I-44       35 miles north

I-40       14 miles south

I-35       100 miles west at "America's Crossroads" where the three routes intersect.


Okmulgee is also connected by two non-interstate major truck routes (Highways 69 and 75).  Both run north and south through the central portion of the US.  We are located midway between two important metropolitan areas - Dallas / Ft. Worth (250 miles) and Kansas City, Missouri (275 miles).



For ease in executive travel the Okmulgee Regional Airport is located 3.2 miles northeast of town. The airport has a 5,140 foot runway capable of handling most business jets and 24-hour credit fueling system for both jet fuel and avgas.  

The Jones/Riverside Airport is 30 minutes north of Highway 75 in Jenks.  

The Tulsa International Airport, located 46 miles north, puts over 95% of the U.S. population within a 2.5 hour flight time and provides an efficient, global gateway for business and leisure travelers to and from our region. Six airlines currently provide service to 19 nonstop destinations.


Update: Due to COVID-19, Tulsa International Airport reports that certain nonstop destinations may be temporarily suspended. Please check with your airline for the latest schedules.

Inland Ports

The McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System is the least expensive, energy efficient, time effective method of moving goods.  It provides access to two major excellent inland ports:  Port of Catoosa and the Port of Muskogee.  

The Port of Catoosa is 55 miles north of Okmulgee on the northeast side of Tulsa.  A four lane highway is available to this port.   This waterway with its 9' year round ice free channel extends from the Arkansas River's confluence with the Mississippi River about 500 miles upstream from New Orleans, Louisiana to the head of the navigation system near Tulsa, Oklahoma just 60 miles north of Okmulgee via Highway 75 / I-44.

The Port of Muskogee is located 42 miles east of Okmulgee and is accessed via Highways 16 and 62.



The BNSF, a Class 1 railway system, serves Okmulgee County.  The mainline bisects the Okmulgee Business Complex with a one mile siding adjacent to the mainline.    The West Industrial Area has two operating spurs.  The South Industrial Park is bordered by the mainline and could have a siding and spur installed.  The downtown freight area in downtown Okmulgee has 3 siding lines.   The BNSF average 18-22 Class 1 trains per day through Okmulgee.

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