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Okmulgee really shines when it comes to our strategic placement and transportation tactical advantages. US Highway 75, a four-lane divided highway bisects Okmulgee and touches three of our four industrial parks. Our location on US Highway 75 is mid-way between the Kansas City metro area and the Dallas-Ft.Worth metroplex with over 24,000 vehicles per day.  


Okmulgee is 15 minutes from Interstate 40, 25 minutes south of Interstate 44 and only 90 minutes east of Interstate 35. Okmulgee is 45 minutes west of the Port of Muskogee and just over 60 minutes southwest of the Port of Catoosa.  


Okmulgee Regional Airport and Industrial Park is adjacent to US Highway 75, as is the Okmulgee Business Complex (OBC) industrial park.  The airport has both ILS and GPS landing systems as well as a 5,150 ft. runway.  


There are 18-22 BNSF Class I Trains per day traveling through Okmulgee. We have two active spurs and three siding tracks. One of the siding tracks is almost a mile long and is totally contained in the OBC industrial park.  


The OBC has industrial lots ready for immediate development. Both the Okmulgee Business Complex and the Okmulgee Regional Airport Industrial Park are contained in an established Tax Increment Financing District and Federal Opportunity Zones.  


Five of our nine value-added manufacturing plants shipping globally from Okmulgee. With the excellent location and proximity to all forms of transportation, your international business can grow unencumbered in Okmulgee.  


Workforce acquisition and development is also a major advantage for Okmulgee. With Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology located in Okmulgee, your plant would be just minutes from one of the few technology institutes in the nation that confer both associate and bachelor's degrees. 

Incentives & Financing

Oklahoma has some of the lowest tax rates and some of the best tax incentives in the nation. The state offers companies a low cost of doing business, a low cost of living for employees, and tax rebates that reduce tax burdens even further.

Contact the OADC team at918-938-0970 to schedule your no-cost incentive analysis for federal, state and local incentives that may be applicable for your project.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Okmulgee is essentially equal distance from the west coast to the east coast and only a few miles south of the north/south center of the United States.  This makes Okmulgee ideal for moving goods and services in any direction in the United States, as well as to international locations.

Industrial Parks

Okmulgee has three industrial/business parks with approximately 500 acres available and ready for industrial development.   This includes the Okmulgee Business Complex, Okmulgee Regional Airport Industrial Park and the West Industrial Area.  The old "Peanut Plant" (approximately 25 acres) will be released in 2024 for development. 

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