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The Covington Aircraft Challenge: One idea on how local business can support other local businesses

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

We LOVE this idea......and we also love sharing ideas about how our community is stepping up in various ways and to share as many positive things as possible. Let us know if you or someone you know has found a creative and great way to supports others. ----------

If you are an "essential" business with employees that remain in operation (for example our manufacturing community) - here's a great idea, and is a bit of a spin on what many are doing anyway (take out/drive up/curbside orders).

IDEA: Order in your employee's lunch (via pick up/curbside) with a local restaurant. Rotate your lunch orders between various businesses (daily). If you would be ordering lots of meals, be sure to give the establishment plenty of time to prepare (see notes below). Send one person to pick-up everything and bring back to your business.

EXAMPLE: Here's how our friends at Covington Aircraft are doing this (FYI, they are serving about 100 people per work day). 1. They make a rotating schedule of restaurants and menus. For example: Monday: Cinco De Mayo Tuesday: Kirby's Wednesday: Daddy B's Smoked Meats Thursday: Miss Mary's Market

2. Each day, one order for all staff is called in; one person does the pickup. (or use a local delivery service).

No matter what day, you can imagine what a great boost for business this is for each of the restaurants! We are sure that they would LOVE to be on your list!

A couple of notes: ~Definitely call ahead and make sure your restaurant/meal choice for the day doesn't already have a major order on the books for the same delivery time. ~Unless you have a small office, same day orders should be avoided. (Some restaurants will want/need more than a day-ahead-of-time orders). ~Scheduling different pickup times than 12 noon will help. ~Business owners, if your budget allows, pick up the total tab on occasion or maybe pad the tip everyday.

Let's support all our county companies as much as we can.

This will help keep the doors open at our local eateries and hopefully keep a lot more people employed during this uncertain time. It would be great if we don't lose a single restaurant because of this global virus. A big thanks to Aaron Abbott for sharing their idea. Let us know what you are doing or thinking of doing!?

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