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The OADC you might not know

I’m hoping that most of the residents of Okmulgee County know that the Okmulgee Area Development Corp. (OADC) is your local resource for economic development services. I know many of the residents think of the OADC in terms of trying to attract new businesses to the area. That’s fine, and it is the glamor side of economic development. Everyone loves the announcement of a new business. The new Casey’s is a good example. A former employee of the OADC put that land deal together and we thank her for the time and effort. It is a good lead into what this article is about.

The Casey’s deal would have never happened if she (Peggy King) had not put together a package of enough land to make the deal work. There are a lot of property owners up and down highway 75/Wood Drive, but most do not have a large enough parcel of land to make a deal for a commercial prospect. So how do we get past this situation? Here at the OADC we keep as much information as we can on commercial and industrial property in Okmulgee County. So if you’re interested in selling your property, please contact us with the details. Your property may not even be currently zoned for commercial development. We also have several resources for listing the property on nationwide commercial/industrial web sites at no cost to the landowner.

Please remember that the OADC is not a real estate broker or sales office. We do try to put owners in contact with prospects when we have enough information. For example the Casey’s development took combining three different land owners into one package. The OADC receives no fees or commissions on our work. We do enjoy a good old thank you when a deal comes together.

OK, besides the property development aspect of our mission the OADC can also connect you and or your company with the Oklahoma Manufacturers Alliance, I2E Management Company Inc., Oklahoma Department of Commerce, The Small Business Administration, Workforce Oklahoma, and several other state agencies and development organizations. In short we’re well connected and we can connect you with the right resources.

For those of you who remember the old radio and TV ads about the government giving you $100 thousand to start a worm farm? Well it wasn’t true back then and it’s still not true today, but if you have an idea for a better product or service, we can help.

If you have property (that you think would make a good commercial spot or a farm you think could meet the requirements for an industrial development) or an innovative idea, please contact us at 918- 938-0970 or you can email

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