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Welcome to 2022, Really?

As you have probably guessed, if you’ve read a couple of my articles, I’m a fairly optimistic person. I find the start of the new year at time to do some planning, contemplate the last twelve months and try my best to take inventory of what’s important and needs my attention. Both personally and in my job. You might have also heard me or read one of my articles where I talk about time spent “pondering.” So today, I’m pondering.

Ponder issue number “1”. Did we really learn anything from our recent history (2021). I sure hope so, but it doesn’t look like it so far.

Remember your old high school history teacher pounding into our heads, “those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it”? Looking at the attendance in public event venues, it doesn’t look promising. The number of people getting vaccinated is improving, but will it be enough to finally reach herd immunity?

Ponder issue number “2.” When are the shelves in the stores going to be full again?

It sure has been discouraging waiting and wondering if and when the supply chain is going to improve. As individuals we have very little we can do to help unload a cargo ship. But we can start doing a better job of planning our purchases. Think about what you and your family are going to need in March or April. When those needs are sitting on the shelf at the store, buy in advance when you can. Otherwise prepare to live another year wondering if your needs are going to be met.

Have we all forgotten about the old saying…”don’t worry about things you have no control over.”

Reading some articles about stress. From what I read we’re all suffering from stress and added stress is a leading cause of depression and anxiety. From what I’ve read all the public mental health systems are stressed to the maximum. So maybe we all need to form some support groups? There are several cost-effective ways to battle stress. My personal favorite is yoga and exercise. A good “cheap” source of information is the public library. I would say read some articles from the Internet, but after reading some of the arguments on social media, I think I may stay away from social media and the internet for the start of 2022. We can all do what our grandparents did, go for a walk.

Ponder issue number “4.” What to do with the free time we have because so many outside activities have either gone away completely or are on hold. Just a suggestion, but I went looking for something new to learn. The class I really want to take at OSUIT is not offered in the spring, so that subject is on the back burner, but I have a need to take a refresher class in Algebra. It’s for work, and I’m hoping there are some free or almost free algebra classes online. If not, my son who's an engineering student may be my key to success. Or I could find a retired teacher that might want to tutor a few of us this spring. Anyone want to brush up on their math and algebra 1?

Welcome 2022, the new normal for another year. I can deal with it. Really if you want a refresher on algebra 1, email me. I actually use it (algebra) at work.

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