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OSUIT's Reputation for Excellence in Cybersecurity Education

Once again, and not surprisingly, OSU Institute of Technology (OSUIT) has been awarded top ranking status for their programs. This time ranked OSUIT as No. 11 for Best Cyber Security Degree Program and No. 26 for Best Colleges in Oklahoma. Also the OSUIT campus was recognized as Best for Technology programs and the Bachelor of Technology Information Technology with an option in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics program was recognized as Best for Returning Students.

“Over the ensuing nearly 17 years, through innovation collaborations with industry and leading security agencies, OSUIT has established a reputation for excellence in cybersecurity education,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs & Provost Scott Newman. “I couldn’t be more proud of the outstanding work of our faculty, staff and academic leaders—as evidenced by the recognitions it’s received.”

Please read more about these rankings and information on the programs at:

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