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Odds and Ends From the Economic Development Office

Kudos to the Okmulgee Young Professional’s under the leadership of Lane Pilkington and Mayor Richard Larabee. By the time you read this, several clean-up Okmulgee events will have been held this fall and I do believe they have several more planned. Working with the City and some generous sponsors a couple of roll-offs will be available in the City’s different wards. This is a great way to make a big impact in a short amount of time. The City of Tulsa has been doing this for years and it works great every time. I’m sure that will also be the case here in Okmulgee. We can’t have a beautiful city if we all don’t do our share. Again, kudos to the Okmulgee Young Professionals and the City leadership and staff.

Congratulations to Kay Rabbitt-Brower and the Chamber staff, board and membership. Hey had a wonderful Annual Banquet and awards last week. Well done, and it was great fun.

Thank you to Heather Sumner and the Main Street volunteers for the fun and colorful halloween/fall season. That was a lot of “get your hands dirty” type of work. Even with all the (much needed) construction that is ongoing, Main Street is ready for the season!

Just so everyone knows and some absurd rumors don’t get started. The OADC will be doing some dirt work at the Okmulgee Business Complex. Don’t get overly excited, we are just catching up on some overdue maintenance work. Getting some trees removed and some dirt moved around. Nothing exciting, just a little house cleaning.

Vote ! And respect the outcome, no matter who wins. We have to be Americans first!

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on and on, I have some good news. Remember when we were all asked to wear masks? The experts said it was to help stop the spread by protecting the people you come in contact with in case you’re infected. In the beginning the experts did not believe the masks did much to protect the wearer. Well now some good news on that front. I subscribe to a lot of technology newsletters. There is a story that just came this past week. A company has perfected a better face mask. When you have multiple risk factors like me, this is good news. They are a little more expensive, but if they keep you from getting sick what’s a few dollars more. The OADC does not promote products, but I think we need an exception in this case. This mask I speak of is the NIOSH-approved (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) N95 mask which removes 95% of airborne particles. This breathable N95 mask is NIOSH-approved, fits securely, and is more comfortable than comparable N95 respirator masks. For more information go to this link:

Don’t forget to get your flu shot!

Have a great weekend, stay safe…….and VOTE

Court Newkirk is the Executive Director of Okmulgee Area Development Corp (OADC). A native of Oklahoma, he has decades of community and economic development experience, some of which was in Okmulgee in the 90s. Court is a big believer that Okmulgee can be anything it wants to be, if we all work together. Contact Court at

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