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There Has Never Been A Better Time To Start A New Career!

Do NOT get too excited, this article is not going to announce a new company coming to the Okmulgee area. What I’m going to tell you about is some of the industries that are currently expanding in our area and around the NE corner of Oklahoma. How boring is that? Well if you are unemployed, underemployed, or are searching for a new career, this might be your introduction.

At this moment the OADC (Okmulgee Area Development Corp.) is meeting with about six different companies in a wide range of industries. Most of them, will have pay scales that would allow you the financial opportunity to: own your own home, drive a nice car/truck/SUV, and keep your bills paid. Of course that assumes you know how to budget and save. There are classes for that too.

Let’s get started.

One company we’re working with will need about a dozen commercial truck drivers with hazmat training.

Another company will be needing dozens of machinists. Mainly CNC, and some hand machining in their prototyping division. CAD and Solidworks designers.

A very interesting company that might locate here would need employees that might be best described as machine process operators. For this you’d want some PLC (Programmable Logic Circuits) training and manufacturing machine operations.

Several companies will be looking for computer technicians, from entry level to network operators.

All of these job categories have one thing in common. They need people with training. Even as diverse as all the above job descriptions seem, you can get training in any one of these skill sets right here in Okmulgee! Some of these skills are taught at Green Country Tech. Like the truck driving and some of the machinists skills. For the PLC training, OSUIT. For the computer technicians and network operators, OSUIT is arguably the best university in our State. Remember, OSUIT is ranked as the most affordable university in Oklahoma.

I can easily hear the next question coming. What if I get one of these skills and the company does not choose to locate in Okmulgee County, then what? Well, all of these skills are in high to very high demand. Okmulgee County employers are always looking for well trained talent. If the exact job isn’t in the Okmulgee area, I can say with confidence it would be available about 30 miles north of here.

See Green Country Technology Center

One last thought: Don’t ask, is anyone hiring? Ask yourself, What are my skills?

Good Luck and Good Training

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